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Our cutting-edge product range offers a cost-effective solution to the ratings dilemma. With correct implementation and usage, together with the right verification methodology, this system provides an extremely cost-effective alternative to an expensive on-site governance audit.

InForm allows for periodic corporate governance audits to assess the validity of all aspects of your organisation’s governance architecture, not just systems and controls.

InForm targets top-level decision-makers and is configured to draw users through an intensive corporate governance education, awareness and testing process.

Ultimately, InForm uses the information captured via this process to provide and accurate insider perspective of the state of corporate governance within the organisation to which it is applied. This valuable perspective can be used as:

  • A risk mitigation tool that complements traditional security analysis and financial modeling by focusing on the education and conformance area of the governance prism;
  • An internal benchmark against which to measure, manage and improve organisational governance levels, structures and processes;
  • An analytic tool with which to measure corporate governance conformance against external  benchmarked framework regulatory requirements as well as other comparable organisations;
  • An internal evaluation tool for Directors, the Board and Board Committees;
  • A means to assess how the organisation is perceived by industry leaders and investor governance advisors thereby enabling improved reporting, appropriate remedial action and/or effective responses; and,
  • A powerful stakeholder relationstool with which to enhance external ratings and cultivate investor or interested and affected party confidence

Other Direct Benefits

When implemented correctly, InForm will facilitate the following direct benefits:

  • Enhanced organizational corporate governance education and awareness;
  • Simplified regulatory compliance management, more productive governance structure and improved corporate governance ratings;  
  • Ease of use, full automation, seamless interaction that relieves bureaucratic pressures;
  • Cost-effective and efficient method of managing compliance and on-going monitoring; and,
  • Simplified and streamlined reporting, benchmarking and perception management functionalities.

Competitive Advantages

When handled well, good corporate governance practices can not only provide a competitive advantage, but can also assist organisations to:

  • lower borrowing costs (cost of capital);
  • broaden access to capital in primary and secondary offerings;
  • gain an edge in M&A transactions;
  • reduce or moderate increases in D&O premiums;
  • reduce the chance of being targeted for shareholder action;
  • increase the chance of recruiting and retaining directors they want;
  • increase market trust in reported earnings; and
  • achieve a higher stock price.
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