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Our Solutions

Available Sector Solutions

GIS’s InForm product range currently consists of two industry specific web-based interactive governance toolsets. They are:

  • InForm Corp (Companies); and
  • InForm RF (Retirement Fund).

Additional products tailored for the public sector and NGO’s are planned for release in the near future. Whilst based on a central technology platform, each customized product is tailored to meet industry specific governance requirements.

Product Features

The products pose high-level, comprehensive sets of questions relating to various aspects of governance pertaining to the organization to which they are applied.  The algorithmic-based Q&A sets generate accurate data that translate into a measured corporate governance status and progress perspective thereby facilitating monitoring and benchmarking applications.

In addition, InForm provides director/trustee and board evaluations which are scored separately from the main questionnaires. This feature is useful for board induction and best practice purposes.

All InForm products offer the following main features:

  • A 'Dashboard' indicating the organisation’s overall governance and compliance rating as well as those of all subsidiaries;
  • Exception reporting functionality detailing outstanding issues;
  • A central repository for all organisation-specific governance documentation (e.g. Memorandum and Articles, all governance documentation and corporate policies etc);
  • A library database containing all applicable legislation, regulations and applicable circulars;
  • A ‘Statutory Information’ section containing all relevant information relating to the organisation e.g. registered address, registration number, details of officers and Directors and other pertinent information;
  • Graphic views of the level of conformance for improved reporting;
  • A 'Completeness Meter' indicating how far the organisation is in completing the underlying questionnaire;
  • Comprehensive Guidelines for all possible best practice governance documentary requirements;
  • Perception Indicators’ - multiple dashboard perspectives of the organisation’s performance which provide focused and detailed reporting, enhanced AGM and proxy voting preparation and greatly improved quality of Annual Reports;
  • A verifiable overall score which greatly enriches stakeholder reporting and accountability and benchmarking.
  • The ability to access and monitor and standardise governance implementation group-wise through the linking of subsidiaries.
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